About the Author

Venkatesh Rao is an independent researcher and writes a popular blog at ribbonfarm.com. Tempo grew out of themes originally explored on ribbonfarm. He earned his PhD in aerospace engineering, in systems and control theory, from the University of Michigan in 2003. He has worked in startup, university, and large enterprise environments.

Venkatesh Rao Headshot

In 2000-2001, he was the first employee of Sulekha.com, a pioneering online community. Between 2004 and 2006, Venkat worked on U.S. Air Force-sponsored research in command and control of semi-autonomous systems at Cornell University. Between 2006-11, he was an Entreprneur-in-Residence and senior researcher at the Xerox Innovation Group, where he created and participated in multiple Web 2.0 technology development projects.

Currently, Venkat’s interests are in the areas of decision-making, narrative and metaphor, social psychology, the future of technological society, aging infrastructure issues, and globalization. He explores these interests through a mix of writing, mathematical modeling, and short-term consulting engagements.

Venkat is based in Seattle.